Brown bear habitat selection personality

You maybe think that only humans have personality? But don’t be a fool, animals can have personality too. More »

In vivo imaging of the lung inflammatory response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Chronic inflammation of the airways is a central component in lung diseases and is frequently associated with bacterial infections. More »

Sponge toxin kills lung and breast cancer cells in mice

Peloruside A is a potent toxin that was isolated from a New Zealand marine sponge. More »

An intracellular membrane system helps cells to divide

Cell duplication is the fundamental requirement for the development of multi-cellular organisms, a process that relies on two basic events More »

Can we stop dentist drilling too much on our caries tooth?

Dental caries is one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide. It is a result of hard tissue demineralization largely caused by acid produced by bacteria More »

Cooperative effects and co-crystallization in supramolecular diarylethene self-assembled monolayers

The current “top down” strategy that aims to miniaturize silicon based electronic components will eventually reach a limit. More »


MOF for oxoanion pollutant sequestration


The rapid industrial growth over the past century has led to the increasingly critical problem of effluent treatment which is usually discharged into water streams. In this regard the capture of inorganic pollutants from such streams has

What we have done on arsenic issue in last 15 years in Bangladesh (The Millennium Development Goal period 2000-2015)?

Arsenic is well known poisonous chemical component which naturally found in underground from soil, and water. Bangladesh is one of the country where certain area of its ground water has been contaminated with arsenic. Majority of its

More equal sexual arousal between the sheets


The cosmetic and functional results of creating a vagina by use of penile and scrotal skin in male-to-female transsexuals are, in general, satisfactory. One of the goals of creating a vagina is to create tactile and erogenous

Atom tunneling in chemistry


While macroscopic objects from everyday life follow the classical laws of physics, microscopic objects obey the laws of quantum mechanics. These quantum objects, such as light (photons), electrons, and atoms, show characteristics of particles as well as

Statins and diabetes: do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke) is the leading cause of death in the United States. Prescription cholesterol-lowering medications have been shown to lower the risks for heart attacks and stroke. In fact, roughly 28% of Americans

Bone resorption around dental implants


Implant supported dental restorations are a very common way to realize fixed or removable dentures nowadays. Implants are placed in the bone and they “glue” to the bone thanks to a biological pathway known as osseointegration. In

Assessment of anxiety: a matter of temperature?


Anxiety is an emotional response occurring when individuals are facing challenging situations or threats. This affective state promotes adaptive coping strategies and is associated with changes involving a variety of different, cross-species conserved, behavioral and physiological responses

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor is a miracle fertilizer for our brain?


Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is sometimes called “miracle grow for the brain” because several studies have reported that BDNF “nourishes neurons like fertilizer.” It is well-known that BDNF protects brain cells and stimulates growth of their dendrites

Identifying patients who are at risk of weight regain after obesity surgery

Surgery for obesity called bariatric surgery, is a highly effective treatment option for achieving and maintaining long-term weight loss.  It helps reduce the risk and often resolve medical problems that are associated with obesity including type 2

A rare and insidious brain vessel disorder in children with HIV infection


Over the last decade children who acquire HIV infection from their mothers are surviving longer due to improved access to health care, nutritional support and antiretroviral therapies (ART). As they live longer, complications which were previously not recognised in

In vivo imaging of immunotherapeutic glioma model


Glioblastoma remains one of the deadliest diseases faced by patients, with a median survival of less than 15 months. Therapeutic advancements in the field rely heavily on animal models, and the use of human brain tumor cells

Altered states of consciousness during sex

The term ‘altered states of consciousness’ usually means states of ‘absorption’ or ‘absorbed states’. Some call them trance. They are characterized by loss of the usual sense of self, time, and space, as a result of intense

Computational identification of plastic debris in the marine environment


The presence of plastics on the marine environment has several dangerous effects on the aquatic living organisms. Plastics have high chemical stability and are invariant with respect to the degradation agents.  Their accumulation on sea surface produces

Underwater sounds of two marine protected areas in southern Brazilian waters


The collection of sounds that emanate from an environment is known as soundscape in scientific literature. Marine soundscape is based on sounds related to geophony (physical events, such as wind, precipitation, breaking waves, earthquakes), biophony (mammals, fish,

Cancer prevention guidelines are associated with lower cancer risk in low-income and African American populations


Cancer is a major public health burden as an estimated 1,685,210 new cancer cases will be diagnosed in the United States in 2016. In general, African Americans and Americans with low socioeconomic status tend to have higher

Regional Alzheimer’s disease research

According to World Alzheimer Report 2015, over 46 million people live with dementia worldwide. The incidence of dementia is estimated over 9.9 million every year, and nearly half of new dementia cases (4.9 million) occurred in Asia.