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The art to irradiate the Internal Mammary Nodes (IMN) in breast cancer patients

Radiation therapy (RT) has demonstrated strong clinical benefit in patients with breast conservative surgery or with radical mastectomy and who are at high risk for relapse. Unfortunately, this benefit was counterbalanced by an increased risk for death

A method that may raise hope of developing new treatments for Meniere’s disease and other inner ear disorders with hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness

Disorders of the inner ear are rather common and may lead to dizziness, tinnitus and loss of hearing. Several of those disorders may include an increased swelling, i.e. hydrops, of parts of the inner ear as a

What do we know and what can we do about asthma?

Asthma affects more than 300 million people of all ages and both genders worldwide and causes a huge financial burden on health systems and governments. Asthmatics have sensitive airways which over react to triggers such as allergens,

A potential harmless food bio-preservative — pediocin PA-1

Food safety issues are always around us for food-borne pathogen and spoilage bacteria exist in many kinds of food. Chemical preservatives are added to prevent food spoilage, however, most of them are cancerogen and unsafe for us.

Young adults with autism show improved social function following UCLA skills program

Researchers at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA have found that a social skills program for high – functioning young adults with autism spectrum disorder significantly improved the participants’ ability to engage with

Infants’ superior perception linked to later autism symptoms

People with autism are often described as “seeing the world differently.” They tend to show superior perception for details, like, for example, the autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire’s highly accurate representations of cityscapes drawn from memory. Now, researchers

Tuning surface/interface of nanocarbon: promoted catalysis

Catalysis is the cornerstone for chemical industries. The development of low-cost sustainable catalysts with high catalytic activity, selectivity, and stability under mild conditions remains at the heart of modern material chemistry, green chemistry, and catalysis fields for

Understanding phosphorus-centered radicals for a sustainably phosphor chemistry

Organo-phosphorus compounds are widely used in different fields of application from the production of pharmaceuticals to other valuable chemicals. A major problem of the use of organo-phosphorus compounds is the production of these compounds starting from the

Characterizing the whac-a-mole concept of a bispecific antibody targeting cancer cells

One of the great promises of antibodies is to be magic bullets that specifically target diseased cells without affecting normal cells. Oncology researchers identify targets on tumor cells that are unique, overexpressed, or oncogenic drivers that can

Who’s calling for weight loss? Messages from the current literature

One-third of adolescents in the U.S. are overweight or obese. This is a significant public health concern because obese children are more likely to develop conditions once seen only in adults, including high blood pressure, type 2

Nanoformulations for cancer therapy

Cancer is a major disease responsible for death in human beings. A lot of research has been performed to develop improved diagnostic tools as well as drugs to treat cancer. Effectiveness of therapeutics in cancerous malignancy is

Re-designing primary care

Understanding the needs, preferences, and goals related to their health is essential for doctors and other health care professionals to support and achieve their version of optimal health.   The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) is the largest