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On their way out: Structural HIV proteins team up before escaping from infected cells

The human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) infects and eventually destroys the immune cells of infected patients. This causes the life-threatening medical condition called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ( AIDS ). A cure for HIV/AIDS does not exist,

Zinc – a promising supplement for the immune system

Zinc is essential for basic functions within cells of the human body. Hence, zinc deficiency is associated with impaired immune functions as dermatitis, dysfunction of the immune system, hypogonadism, and growth retardation. Under normal conditions only low

How my physician could adapt his or her behaviors to my preferences?

Nowadays, the recommended approach in physician – patient interaction is patient – centeredness. As the name suggests, patient – centeredness implies to put the patient in the center of the consultation and to take his or her

The hidden link between aquaculture production and freshwater appropriation

The aquaculture sector is steadily growing and so is the demand for aquafeed. Each fish and crustacean has certain needs in terms of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, among others. The question is how those needs can

The social gap in lifetime in good health increased during the financial crisis in Denmark

The trend of increasing social health inequality persisted during the financial crisis in Denmark. In addition to about 4 extra years of life 50-year-old Danes with a high educational level could expect to live more than 9

The walking brain

Walking is the most common locomotion strategy to move from one to another place. Normally, we do not think about our steps and we would consider walking as a natural and automatic behaviour. However, more challenging environmental

Non-invasive real-time prediction of inner knee temperatures during therapeutic cooling

Measurements in biomedicine are often difficult to perform because human subjects are involved. Many examples can be found, particularly in clinical procedures, where in vivo measurements are often not as accurate as desired, difficult, dangerous or even

Exploring the link between the baby boom and aging prisoners

America’s prisoners are getting older and concern over this problem is rising. Not only are inmates over the age of 50 the fastest growing prison population in the U.S., the increased need for healthcare services among this

Employment of migrant care workers by Italian families assisting older Alzheimer’s disease patients

A rising phenomenon across the European Union (EU) is the increasing presence of migrant care workers (MCWs), privately employed by families of older people in need, who take over different tasks: supervision, drug administration, support in mobility

A wearable UV-LED medical device for automatic disinfection of stethoscope membrane

The medical literature has demonstrated the importance of healthcare-associated infections ( HAI ), which are an huge worldwide problem because of health complications, mortality ( EU + USA 140.000 death/year ), length of hospitalization and costs for