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Arsenic´s different effects under normoxia and hypoxia and its ambivalent role in cancer

Arsenic (As) is as natural contaminant in drinking water in particular in Argentina, Canada, India, Japan, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Chile, and the United States. It is best known as a toxic element which upon chronic ingestion is,

Let-7b expression in breast cancer: does have any implications on the DNA repair capacity?

Epigenetics study the changes on gene expression that occur without altering the primary structure of the DNA. Examples of epigenetic mechanisms that can produce such changes include microRNA ( miRNA ) silencing, DNA methylation, histone methylation, among

Oocyte activation and latent HIV-1 reactivation: AMPK links the creation of all human life and the potential eradication of HIV-1

In an active area of research known as HIV-1 cure research, the purposeful reactivation of latent/dormant HIV-1 in memory T cells, which induces death of the infected cell or alerts the immune system to the presence of

Inflammation was regulated by polyacrylic resins in human gingival fibroblasts

Temporary fixed prostheses are an important adjunct because they protect prepared teeth and prevent exposure of dental tissues. The most commonly used temporary restorative materials in prosthodontics are PMMA, MMA, and the more modern bis-acryl composites. The