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Five distinct neuronal types inhabit the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus

The ventrolateral preoptic nucleus (VLPO) is considered as the main brain region inducing slow-wave sleep (SWS). Despite its physiological importance, the neuronal composition of the VLPO still remained incompletely described. Yet, the characterization of neuronal properties within

Predicting the properties of materials: Stepping into the unknown

To use a material, one needs to know and understand its properties – its density, its hardness, its strength, etc. – and the relation of the relevant properties to the desired application.  Those properties listed above are

Elastic Freud

In our article entitled, ‘An even hover-reading of Freud: the work of metaphor’, we show how Freud’s writing, because of what we call its ‘elasticity’, consistently says more than it says, much like the discourse of the

Staggering financial shortfalls to meet biodiversity targets in Kenya

Biodiversity is highly valuable for ecosystem functioning and the provision of ecosystem services, such as carbon sequestration and flood control. However, biodiversity is threatened by multiple human pressures on the natural environment, such as habitat loss and