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Electron collisions with atoms, ions, molecules, and surfaces: Fundamental science empowering advances in technology

Electron collisions with atoms, ions, molecules, and surfaces are critically important to the understanding and modeling of low-temperature plasmas (LTPs), and hence in the development of technologies based on LTPs.  Progress in obtaining experimental benchmark data, the

Migraine aura and photosensitive epilepsy: what’s the link?

Migraine and epilepsy are frequent, paroxysmal and chronic disorders. In various  ways they are clearly different diseases, although presenting with clinical signs with similar characteristics regarding motor deficits, sensory and alterations of consciousness. Migraine can follow a

Improved characteristics of an industrial biocatalyst expressed in engineered E. coli

The constantly expanding field of biocatalysis is in search of novel enzymes to meet its new needs. The global market for enzyme biocatalysts in industrial applications was about $4.8 billion in 2014 and it is expected to

The new definition of plasma remnant lipoproteins

The definition of remnant lipoproteins (RLP) in plasma has been confused for many years because of the variety of methods used to identify RLP. The most common definition of RLP proposed several decades ago has been the