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The promiscuous mineralocorticoid receptor

Hormones and nerves are the key communication systems in the human body. Nerves are like a fixed-line telephone network, capable of very fast messaging: think of the pianist’s fingers playing the Minute Waltz. Hormones are like radio,

Drugs from the sea: complex structures to fight a complex problem of resistance in cancer

It is well known that incidence of cancer cases figures among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Most of disseminated cancers share the common feature of not responding to anticancer drugs. This phenomenon is known as

Algae and moulds: Causative agents of respiratory tract disease in horses?

This investigation identifies the alga Prototheca and the mould Pithomyces chartarum as rare causes of upper respiratory tract inflammation in horses. More frequently, upper respiratory tract disease in horses is caused by viral and bacterial infections. Patients:

Microneedle patch for fast and sustained pain relief

The occurrence of pain is very common in routine life and during invasive clinical procedures, such as injections, surgeries etc. which is the usually treated using painkiller and local anesthetics in form of oral dosage forms, creams,