Daily Archives: March 3, 2017

A new way to trace evolutionary history by pairwise alignment only

Genomes and genes change during evolution leading to the observed biodiversity in many colors and shades. This genealogical (phylogenetic) relationship is recorded in DNA and can be reconstructed by molecular phylogenetics and expressed in a tree with

Developing strategies for engineering efficient biocatalysts for the industrial production of chiral compounds

The market of chiral pharmaceuticals and of other fine chemicals for the fragrance and plant-protecting industries is a global multi-billion dollar business which is steadily growing. In general, only one of the enantiomers, the (R) or the

Examination of pigments and materials used by the Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu

Data on natural or artificial pigments, main components of a painter’s palette, are significant when offering information on the understanding of an artist’s technique. Under the influence of the surrounding conditions or due to the interactions between

Could a sick heart be treated with additional energy substance?

The heart is a muscle organ that by means of blood pumping provides continuously changing requirements in oxygen, energetic and building material to the tissues and organs. The heart in a couple of minutes could augment the