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How to predict how medical student will do on future high stakes exams?

It is widely assumed by many admissions councilors and by the general public that performance on previous college and standardized exams, both of which weigh heavily toward requirements for entry to medical school, highly predicts future performance

Energy in versus energy out – the key to optimising body composition for endurance athletes?

Running and triathlon are among the most popular and fastest growing sports in the world. In these sports, time of is of the essence and strategies to reduce time taken to complete a set distance are most

Pancolonic varices and portal venous overload

Colonic arterio-venous malformation, although a rare disease, merits to be known as possible cause of severe lower digestive haemorrhage, which often constitutes the first clinical symptom. Colonoscopy usually represents the first diagnostic tool, demonstrating grossly enlarged vessels

Germ cell testicular cancer incidence

Testicular cancer is not your normal malignancy. A few cancers occur in children, while most occur in older people. However, hardly any occur specifically in young adults. Testicular cancer is one. Incidence rises rapidly in the teen