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Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs): a new leak proof electrolyte for alkaline fuel cell

Everincreasing energy demand of world and pollution associated with fossil fuels , has demanded an urgent need to develop alternate clean energy systems. Fuel cells are the promising energy technology which converts chemical energy into electricity through

Electronic witness system in IVF – patient’s perspective

Biological sample mix up is a very rare event in IVF procedure, but it can happen. In order to almost eliminate the risk of error during the handling of biological samples and make safer the IVF treatments,

What do or should we value in the treatment for psychotic individuals?

Even with the biological approach adopted by mainstream psychiatry, it seems necessary to revitalize interest in the use of psychotherapy in the treatment of psychosis. Supporting this idea,  there are compelling reasons. One of the most important

North American tetras: Such abundant fishes, such a complex evolutionary history

Tetras of Central and North America are fishes that belong in genus Astyanax, family Characidae. They are among the most abundant and frequent freshwater fishes in tropical America. Although some authors consider all Astyanax in the region