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A 10 km intense run increases the number of cells in blood responsible for vascular repair

Exercise can cause a wide number of things to happen within our body. Our heart rate increases, our blood vessels dilate, we oxidise more fat and carbohydrate, and we can actively stimulate the repair of our own

4-PBA improves lithium-induced diuresis by attenuating ER stress

The Kidney regulates body water and sodium balance. The kidney produces approximately 180L of primary glomerular filtrate per day in a healthy adult. The major­ity of this filtrate is reabsorbed in the segments of kidney through water

Tay Sachs in South Italy

Tay Sachs disease (TSD) is an autosomal recessive neurological disorder characterized by significant deficiency of lysosomal enzyme β-Hexosaminidase A and subsequent intralysosomal accumulation of GM2 ganglioside. The classical TSD occurs in early infancy with psychomotor retardation, blindness,