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Immobilization of bilirubin oxidase on graphene oxide for oxygen reduction – when the charge matters

In recent years knowledge from nanotechnology, biotechnology and electrochemistry helped to develop extremely interesting devices – biofuel cells. In such devices, many different biomolecules have been employed for biologically catalyzed energy harvesting from energy rich organic molecules.

Towards developing an ultimate optical method for bacteria detection

Microorganism detection is an essential task for wide range areas of human activities driven by economic and healthcare factors. Total Viable Count (TVC) method is a benchmark in microbiology, which is based on visual observation of the

Personality and alcohol use disorders outcome

The main objective of Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) treatment is to give up alcohol drinking for as long as possible, and, secondly, to reduce physical harm by drinking less alcohol. However, there are two important problems which

Mapping the magnetic domain imaging for nano-magnetic films using novel MFM tips

MFM is an extended measurement function of the tapping-mode scanning and lift-mode controlling modes of atomic force microscopy (AFM), where the magnetic domain image is obtained by detection of magnetic force gradient changes between a magnetic tip