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The positive resting membrane potential of non-excitable fibrocytes in the mammalian cochlea

It is schoolbook knowledge that both excitable and non-excitable cells are stably hyperpolarized at -25 mV to -80 mV in the resting state in vivo and in vitro. This negative resting membrane potential (RMP), a fundamental cell

Too little sun-exposure in summer?

It is well known that UV rays are responsible for DNA damage in exposed cells: because of that, they are considered carcinogens for skin cells. In the last decades, frequent worldwide campaigns have advised people to avoid

Why is anxiety more common in women? Investigating sex differences in threat and safety learning

Anxiety-related disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are up to twice as common in women as in men but the reasons behind this remain unclear. People with PTSD often experience negative emotions like fear when reminded of

Repelling water and dirt: superhydrophobic biological surfaces and biomimetic innovations

Life evolved over the last 3.5 billion years: a continuous process of mutation and selection – or trial and error. Today we know of some 1.8 million different species – but assessments indicate the existence of over