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2017 March 24 | Atlas of Science

Daily Archives: March 24, 2017

Capturing neon within crystalline frameworks to aid semiconductor manufacturing

Neon is one of the least reactive elements known. No molecules containing neon have so far been synthesised and it is the only stable element that has never previously been studied within an organic crystal structure, despite

A new technology for employing artificial trans-acting small interfering RNA

A central doctrine for a gene expression is typically from the DNA coding sequence to the RNA transcript and then to the protein. So, the normal function of a gene can be disrupted by suppression, or so-called

Production and diseases of dairy cows: genetics (cause) and management (effect)

The milk production of dairy cows has been increased during the last decades by animal-husbandry, improved feeding regime, extensive veterinary service and proper management. It can be assumed that this tendency will be continued in the future