Daily Archives: March 30, 2017

Higher ticagrelor mortality in the FDA adverse event repository: time to stop TV ads?

Despite broad utilization of oral P2Y12 platelet inhibitors such as clopidogrel, prasugrel, and ticagrelor, the comparative mortality risks of each agent are unknown. Moreover, few available randomized data are challenged with restricted populations, double – digit drug

Sopping assistance with eating and drinking in severe dementia

More and more people will develop some form of progressive dementia because of increasing life span in most countries. Since there is no effective therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and other progressive dementias, about 50% will die at

Biosemiotics, a worthy theme to speculate on

Higher-level organisms are comprised of cells as the materials but the higher-level organisms are not just a pile of cells such as the buildings’ being more than piles of stones. Yet, this doesn’t mean that the material

Which better for cardiac surgery, VIMA or TIVA?

Approximately 1 million cardiac surgery procedures are performed worldwide every year. Morbidity and mortality after this kind of surgery continue to decrease, but nonetheless remain higher than in other fields of surgery, predominantly because of insufficient cardiac

Social phobia: indication of a genetic cause

People with social anxiety avoid situations in which they are exposed to judgment by others. Those affected also lead a withdrawn life and maintain contact above all on the Internet. Around one in ten people is affected