Daily Archives: April 4, 2017

Interleukin-18: Critical molecule in promoting allergic diseases

First interleukin was discovered in 1977 from monocyte and termed as interleukin (IL)-1. Interleukins are the secreted proteins that bind to their specific receptors with leukocytes. They are recognized as a family of cytokines based on sequence

How to delete the collimator influence on the gamma camera image: HURRA Filter

In this work we describe an easy method to eliminate the high energy collimator artifacts in the planar image of a gamma camera. A Gamma camera is an instrument widely used in nuclear medicine. This is nothing

Has temporary agency work negative effect on well-being?

Over recent decades many workers have been employed with a temporary agency contract. Little is known about the effect of this status on job conditions and workers’ well-being over time. The current study focused on a sample

Gold-silver nanoparticles instead of traditional diabetic drugs

Recently, we have published a pioneering work on green biosynthesis and complete characterization of gold and core shell silver-gold nanoparticles (AuNPs and Ag@AuNPs) via using green biopolymer in the influence of microwave radiation. These synthesized nanoparticles provide