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Rodent cochlear nucleus – the common and the uncommon

Our perception of environmental sounds depends on the function of our ears. Sound vibrations received by each of our two ears are converted to electrical signals in the cochlea part of the inner ear. The electrical signals

New generation of recyclable and rigid heat-shrinkable tubes

Heat-shrinkable tubes (HSTs) can shrink back to original sizes when they are heated to shrinkage temperatures (Ts), and they have been widely used in automobiles, electronics, communications, aircrafts, petroleum, aerospace and so on. Traditional HSTs are made

How bacteria swim

Bacteria are the smallest free-living (self-replicating) organisms. Most swim in aqueous media by rotating flagella, long thin filaments driven at their base by rotary motors. In most cases, the filaments are helical and extend out into the

How will China’s development of wind power contribute to global warming?

As a non-fossil technology, wind power has an enormous advantage over coal because of its role in climate change mitigation. Despite wind power may not be a pure zero-emission technology from the perspective of life cycle emissions,