Daily Archives: April 10, 2017

Engineering S. cerevisiae with the deletion of endogenous glucosidases for the production of flavonoid glucosides

Glycosylation of flavonoids is a promising approach to improve the pharmacokinetic properties and pharmacological activities. However, chemical glycosylation remains restricted by such disadvantages as poor regio- and stereoselectivities, and large-scale application of whole-cell glycosylation is still hampered

Why won’t my doctor scan my brain?

An estimated 16 million people each year go to their doctor because of a headache. Many are concerned that they may have cancer, a stroke or an aneurysm, and request a brain scan. However, most headaches do

The finding of a micropterous new species in a flower-living thrips group species

A  new  species known only from micropterae, Kakothrips borberae,  belongs  to genus in which species live in the flowers of Fabaceae, and which is recorded mainly from South Europe  or the Mediterranean Region. This new species  was

The brain doesn’t navigate quite like a GPS

Neuroscientists’ discovery of grid cells, popularly known as the brain’s GPS, was hailed as a major discovery. But new results suggest the system is more complicated than anyone had guessed. Just like a driver in a car,