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Avoiding the dilemma between too much alcohol and too much volatile acidity in wine

Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history, thus affecting the production of many crops, including wine grapes. Indeed, global warming uncouples technological and phenolic maturity of

New ligand for preconcentration of lanthanides from environmental samples prior to ICP-MS analysis

Lanthanides are a group of chemical elements (La-Lu) with very similar behavior. Due to their unique properties they find application in many high-tech fields as computers, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), clinical MRI, lasers etc. The increased usage

Technical revolution of D-amino acid profiling

Amino acids are essential and ubiquitous compounds for living organisms on Earth. Proteinogenic amino acids (except for glycine) have chiral carbon, and those enantiomers (L-form and D-form) exist (Fig. 1). L-forms predominantly exist in nature, therefore researches

Hospital readmission after head and neck microvascular reconstruction

Unplanned readmissions are associated with decreased healthcare quality and increased costs. This nationwide study examines causes for unplanned readmission among head and neck cancer patients undergoing immediate microsurgical reconstruction. Patients undergoing head and neck tumor resection with