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Significant effect of polyoxometalates on the molecular structures of phosphanegold cluster cations

Gold(I) cluster complexes have attracted much attention owing to their excellent catalytic activity in a broad range of organic reactions. We recently discovered that polyoxometalate (POM ) – mediated clusterization of monomeric phosphanegold(I) complexes results in the

Our future selves, unprecedented opportunities

Life expectancy in the United States in the early 1900s was 47 years.  Not so long ago, when someone had arthritis of the knee or hands at age 60, physicians would tell them to take NSAIDS and

Stanford scholars analyze children’s ability to detect ‘sins of omission’

Stanford researchers found that children as young as 4 years old, under certain conditions, can discern “sins of omission” – misleading but technically accurate information. The researchers found that the order in which information is presented makes

Sleep quality in adult population

Sleep quality is related to relevant aspects of human life, such as health, cognitive functioning or quality of life. Sleep quality is a global measure; it not only includes sleep duration but other important features of this