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Superthin muscle filaments: evolution and function of titin in skeletal muscle

The mechanisms by which muscle converts chemical to mechanical energy, allowing animal movement, defied explanation for decades. Following the development of the electron microscope and mechanisms of tissue fixation, the ultrastructure of muscle was finally described. Thus

Genome analysis with near-complete privacy possible

Stanford researchers used cryptography to cloak irrelevant genetic information in individuals’ genomes while revealing disease-associated mutations. They say the technique could vastly improve patient privacy. It is now possible to scour complete human genomes for the presence

Heart failure drug restores sensitivity to radioactive iodide treatment in aggressive thyroid cancer

Patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer generally have a good prognosis as a result of implementing treatment regimens consisting of surgery and radioactive iodide (RAI) ablation. However, in about 30% of cases, these tumors develop resistance to RAI