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10th Annual European Pharma Congress. Frankfurt, Germany. May 07-09, 2018

Conference series takes pleasure in inviting the scientific community across the globe to attend the 10th Annual European Pharma Congress during May 07-09, 2018 at Frankfurt, Germany with a motto to Discover and Explore the Future of

Down to the last Drop: A single red blood cells is all that is needed to identify blood at a crime scene

DNA analysis is the great work horse of forensic investigations. However current tests to determine what should be sent for DNA analysis are not up to scratch. Current tests determine if a sample is a specific human

Migration led to the microevolution of Chinese short fat-tailed Sheep

China has a long history of sheep domestication and rich resources of sheep breeds. Based on tail type, the Chinese domesticated sheep can be divided into five types: short fat-tailed sheep, long fat-tailed sheep, short thin-tailed sheep,

Revisiting the RNA World with its inventor

The RNA World Hypothesis is a model for the early evolution of life on earth proposed in 1986 by the molecular biologist Walter Gilbert, in which he posited that the earliest forms of life were likely composed