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Seaweed growing skyward with state-of-the-art green photobioreactor technology

Seaweed or marine macroalgae are renowned globally for applications spanning from functional food, animal feed, commodity chemicals and biofuels. Owing to its huge commercial demand, need for intensive seaweed farming has been rising over the decade. The

How maths can help grow tissues

The tissues in our bodies are in a dynamic environment due to the movement of our limbs and the flow of blood. This motion helps cells to grow as it stimulates them mechanically and also provides a

Hybrid moving bed biofilm reactor-membrane bioreactor system for micropollutant removal

In recent years, the frequent detection of micropollutants in the aquatic environment has raised growing concerns due to their detrimental effects on aquatic organisms and human health. Micropollutants, also termed emerging contaminants, consist of a wide variety