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An introduction to modelling lymphocyte migration in vitro

Lymphocyte recruitment to inflamed endothelial cells (EC) is fundamental to immune homeostasis – providing both cell-mediated defence against disease, while also contributing to the resolution of inflammation. However, the dynamic relationship between lymphocytes and EC can become

Go with the flow: Studying the movement of T-cells to sites of inflammation

Inflammation is the protective response of the immune system that aids the removal of invading infectious agents and repair tissue injury. It involves the movement of white blood cells (leukocytes) from the bloodstream, through the cells lining

Cell vacuum: measuring micro-newton cell adhesion forces using micropipette suction

The force with which cells adhere to their substrate is of interest in the study of various diseases. For example, in the case of atherosclerosis, the disease that leads to heart attacks and strokes, the “leakiness” of