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Aggregating anions or cations? H-bonding found to trump electrostatics in ionic liquids

Two of the most persistent and vexing conceptual problems of modern physical chemistry concern (i) the fundamental nature of the hydrogen bond and (ii) the molecular-level structure and dynamics of condensed liquids, which H-bonding often dominates. In recent years,

Unusual behavior of benzoic acid at low temperature

Molecules of benzoic acid form dimers in the crystal, which is doubly hydrogen bonded through the carboxylic COOH groups (Fig. 1.). Since the left and right site of the dimer are fully equivalent, the protons “do not

Probing how alcohol affects the structure of water

Water, despite its ubiquity, is an extraordinarily complex substance. The structure of water on a molecular level is defined by the interactions, “hydrogen bonds”, that individual molecules have with each other. These are the reason that upon