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Psychiatry, Women’s Mental Health and Child Protection. Dubai, UAE. August 26-27, 2019

Lexis Conferences welcome you to Dubai, UAE; the most populous and largest city focusing on modern architecture with extravagance shopping and exuberant nightlife scene. Middle East Meetings on ‘’Psychiatry, Women’s Mental Health and Child Protection’’ slated on

Spousal assaulters in outpatient mental health care

Domestic violence is defined as: ‘a physical, mental or sexual violation of the personal integrity of the victim by a person from the victim’s family circle. This includes (ex)-partners, family members and family friends of the victim’

Are mindfulness apps good enough?

My mind tricks me. I either ruminate about the things I always wanted to do but never did or worry about something that’s yet to happen. I’m lost in meaningless thoughts, empowering them, ignoring the present moment.