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Lessons learned from the study of non-cancerous meningioma tumors

Meningiomas are the most common among tumors inside the skull (35.6%). The cellular origin of these tumors is the membrane that surrounds the brain, the meninges (Fig. 1) Most meningiomas are grades I & II according to

A “selfish ribosome” as the origin of cellular life

Could there have been a form of “life” that integrated genetic information, protein translation, and the molecular machinery necessary to replicate itself before the first cells? Might such an entity still exist within our cells as a

MicroRNAs and physical activity

Physical activity has a recognised role in the prevention of non-communicable diseases, cancer included. To maintain a satisfying health level, the World Health Organization (WHO) has assumed that everyone have to practice at least 150 minutes of

Fluorescent micro-RNA for cancer diagnostics

Biomarkers are indicators of biological states or conditions and can therefore provide important information about diseases such as cancer. In clinical diagnostics biomarkers are most often proteins or nucleic acids such as DNA or RNA. Biomarkers that