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The Oriental Region: the last frontier paradise for black flies

The Oriental Region is perhaps the last frontier paradise explored by black flies. It is shown by the comparison of the fauna of black flies in the Oriental Region, which is relatively young and rich, with those

Inorganic Cadmium affects the fluidity and size of phospholipid based liposomes

Inorganic Cadmium (Cd) is a non-essential metal and a toxic environmental pollutant that induces multiple biochemical dysfunctions. Due to industrial activities since the 1800s, exposure to ever increasing levels of Cd has resulted in a significant impact

He’s giving me good vibrations – the role of vibrations in population divergence in the red mason bee

Females in the animal kingdom are often known to be the choosier sex when it comes to finding the right mating partner. Consequently, differences in female preference for certain male characteristics can be a driving force for