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mRNA decay activity in neurons regulates survival of worms at high temperatures

The ability of an organism to quickly alter or fine-tune its gene expression profile as a response to unfavorable and stressful conditions is a vital trait that can determine its chances of growth and survival in unstable

Abl2 kinase phosphorylates bi-organellar regulator MNRR1 in mitochondria, stimulating respiration

The mitochondria are the well-known “powerhouse” of the cell. Not surprisingly, its functional state is important to other parts of the cell and, conversely, information about the needs of other parts of the cell help determine mitochondrial

Aerobic condition accelerates carotenoid production in Enterococcus gilvus

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) is industrial important bacteria because LAB are used in fermented foods and probiotics. The clarification of the stress tolerance mechanism of LAB is beneficial for probiotic and molecular breeding to equip LAB with