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How to turn bacterial metabolism into a deadly antibacterial weapon

The development of bacterial infections on and around biomedical materials, ranging from hip implants to wound dressings, is a large and growing problem. Biomaterial-associated infections are challenging to treat because bacteria tend to form colonies, called biofilms,

Towards a nuclear weapons free world

The dream of a world without nuclear weapons has come a little closer to reality over the past three years, thanks to a renewed focus on the catastrophic humanitarian impacts of these worst of all weapons. Beginning

Evolution of diverse and bizarre stag beetle weapons

Stag beetles evolved an impressive diversity of weapons because the shape and size of the armature hardly influence the cost of flying. Computer simulations of flying stag beetles have shown that the energy cost is solely determined

Have any changes occurred in type and severity of facial injuries taken by soldiers since 1980s?

With all the recent progress in the weapon industries and the changing face of modern warfare, there is a need for better protection, devices, and education for soldiers in military systems. Assessment of the distribution of war