Crowd surfing of graphene on a lipid monolayer

Crowd surfing of graphene on a lipid monolayer

In the recent years a growing interest in graphene applications lead to the development of new biosensor devices More »

Diving into cell membranes with advanced solid-state NMR methods

Diving into cell membranes with advanced solid-state NMR methods

Membrane proteins act as the gateways of the cell. They are essential for the signalling between cells and for the uptake of nutrients More »

Gene duplication catalyzes the evolution of new traits in a human pathogen

Gene duplication catalyzes the evolution of new traits in a human pathogen

How do organisms with common ancestry evolve unique traits and eventually diverge from each other? More »

Genes on or off! How regulatory DNA variations disrupt the balance of P53 and cMYC binding

Genes on or off! How regulatory DNA variations disrupt the balance of P53 and cMYC binding

Identification of causative DNA variants in common complex diseases is very important to screen individuals with high-risk for diseases More »


How to improve workers’ satisfaction: The promise of emotional intelligence and work engagement

How to improve workers’ satisfaction. AoS

There is an increased attention paid to which psychological factors help individuals to deal with their daily work-related demands so they feel healthier, happier, and more satisfied at their work. Job satisfaction is a multidimensional psychological response

Exploring early mechanotransduction responses

Exploring early mechanotransduction responses. AoS

Mechanical stress plays a key role in cellular behaviour and fate, affecting the correct development and functionality of tissues and organs. Due to the complexity of the in vivo cellular environment, most mechanotransduction research relies on the

Proteins identified in the immune system of crayfish

Proteins identified in the immune system of crayfish. AoS

Invertebrates characteristically only possess mechanisms of innate immunity, both cellular and humoral, that appear to be activated depending on the pathogens involved. These defense mechanisms are triggered by the activation of the pathogen recognition receptors (PRR). The

The dental nerve circulates in a canal within the mandible

The dental nerve circulates in a canal within the mandible. AoS

The inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) is a sensitive branch of the trigeminal nerve, the 5th pair of cranial nerves. It has an intraosseous path in the mandible, inside the mandibular canal, where it is accompanied by lymphatic,

How processing types change the elemental composition of rice?

According to FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, world’s rice production reached 501.2 million tonnes in 2016-17 season, which is related to rice being a staple for 7 billion people. Asia is the

Grisel’s syndrome linked to mycoplasma pneumoniae infection

Grisel’s syndrome is a no traumatic atlanto axial subluxation often linked to inflammatory conditions of the head and neck region. The subluxation involves the connection between the first and the second cervical vertebrae   and is recognized to

Inside out: treating infants with gastroschisis

For many parents the first images of their baby on the ultrasound is a joyful time. How many fingers? How many toes? Is it a boy or a girl? For some families however, they are told that

Risk due to explosion of the tank with LPG

Accident events that lead to tank explosion include Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion (BLEVE), Mechanical Explosion (ME), Confined Explosion (CE) and Runaway Reaction (RR). Accidents that are accompanied by the explosion of the tank are distinguished by

HIV-1 alters mitochondria in neurons and contributes to HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders

HIV-1 alters mitochondria in neurons and contributes. AoS

Human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV) enters the brain during the initial stages of infection and can cause neurologic dysfunction. Despite the success of HIV treatment through combination antiretroviral therapy (ART), impaired neurocognitive function remains an important problem

Access to modified peptides with heterocycle backbones using combinatorial chemistry

Applications of peptides in medicinal chemistry have several inherent limitations which can be resolved by use of peptide-like molecules. The cleavage of amide bond by proteases, low permeability, rapid metabolic processing, excretion and unwanted side effects are

Granular aluminum oxide thin films for quantum technologies: electric transport and noise properties

Layout of a typical sample measured. AoS

Quantum computation is one of the most attracting research fields, due to the possibility of implementing computational machines much more performant than classical computers. In the last yeas, great progresses have been achieved both from a theoretical

Prevalence of cardiovascular disease in Bangladesh: Synthesis of evidence

Prevalence of cardiovascular disease in Bangladesh: Synthesis of evidence. AoS

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are among the leading causes of death globally and most deaths (80%) occur in low- and middle-income countries like Bangladesh. A significant increase in the prevalence (the number of people with CVD, divided by

Ganglioneuromatosis of the canine gallbladder

Ganglioneuromatosis of the Canine Gallbladder. AoS

Ganglioneuromatosis (GN) is a rare, poorly demarcated, multinodular to diffuse, exuberant hyperplastic proliferation of ganglion cells and nerves of the autonomic nervous system. Human GN may occur anywhere in the alimentary tract from the oral cavity to

Green synthesized Ag/AgCl nanoparticles using Malva Sylvestris aqueous leaf extracts

Biosyntheis and characterization of nanoparticles. AoS

Nanoparticles are molecular or atomic aggregations with a size range of 1-100 nm. Their physical and chemical properties are different from bulk materials with the same formula. They can be produced by chemical, physical and green methods;

Charme, the missing link in myogenesis

The central dogma of molecular biology stated that genes encode for proteins and that DNA, which makes up our genomes, mainly produces RNAs which are translated into proteins. However, the completion of the human genome sequence together

Can hidden Ectomyelois ceratonia infestation be detected non-destructively? NIR spectroscopy has a good answer for pomegranates

In recent decades, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has been accepted as a powerful non-destructive testing (NDT) technology for quality assessment of most materials in most industries such as chemistry, medicine, agrofood, etc. This optical technology is rapid, safe,

Therapy of osteoporosis by the transdermal formulation based on raloxifene nanoparticles in ovariectomized rat

Osteoporosis results from insufficient post-menopausal estrogen levels and collapse of the balance between osteoclasts and osteoblasts, and the osteoporosis is a common systemic skeletal condition that is related to low bone mineral density and pathological fractures. The

Early detection of “insulin balls” using ultrasonography

Early detection of “insulin balls” using ultrasonography. AoS

Diabetes patients often suffer from subcutaneous induration at insulin injection sites during insulin therapy. Among the different types of subcutaneous complications of insulin injection, lipohypertrophy and insulin-derived amyloidosis (IDA) are defined as tumor-like enlargements of adipose tissue

Novel drug treatment for human infection with H7N9- avian influenza A

Distribution of Avian Influenza A(H7N9) virus infection in China. AoS

The H7N9 subtype of avian influenza is an enzootic and airborne virus which caused an influenza outbreak in China. Infected individuals mostly worked with poultry, suggesting H7N9 virus-infected poultry as the primary source of human infection. Significantly

Cannabinoid receptors and incidental associations: a way to creativity?

Animals and humans adapt to changes in the environment through previous experiences. In our daily life, while we are engaged in a particular activity or social event, we are continuously surrounded by random associations between low salience