10th World Congress on Biomarkers & Clinical Research. Baltimore, USA. October 18-20, 2017

Conference Series Ltd Conferences invites all the participants across the globe to attend ‘10th World Congress on Biomarkers and Clinical Research’ during October 18 – 20, 2017 in Baltimore, USA which includes prompt Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Exhibitions & Sponsorship.

Biomarkers 2017 will mainly focus on the exploring new ideas in Biomarkers, Cancer Biomarkers, Molecular Biomarkers, types of biomarkers, Biomarkers in Clinical Research & Development, Biomarkers in drug discovery,  biomarkers disorders, Biomarkers in Pathology,  Functional genomics and cytogenetic biomarkers and its clinical research and development, Omics technologies  in discovery and its validation, biomarkers of exposure response and susceptibility, techniques to maximize biomarker identification, biomarkers Nano science.

Why Baltimore, USA?

In a study conducted to evaluate a change in symptoms and radiographic features in patient with the help of Biomarkers, they identified that the research related to biomarkers was oftenly conducted in Baltimore, USA.  There are more than 200 research firms in Baltimore.

There are several self-sustaining, not-for-profit, research support organization focused on facilitating the identification, quantification and validation of biomarkers for use in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases in Baltimore.

Conference Highlights:

Tracks 1: Biomarkers

Track 2: Cancer Biomarkers

Track 3: Molecular Biomarkers

Track 4: Types of Biomarkers

Track 5: Biomarkers in Clinical Research & Development

Track 6: Biomarkers in Drug Discovery

Track 7: Biomarkers in Pathology

Track 8: Biomarkers for Disorders

Track 9: Oncologists: Biomarkers

Track 10: Personalized Medicine and Data Analysis

Track 11: Cancer Research

Track 12: Clinical Trials

Track 13: Translational Biomarkers & Diagnostics

Track 14: Biomarkers & its Diseases

Track 15: Functional Genomics and Cytogenetic Biomarkers

Track 16: Omics Technologies in Biomarkers Discovery and Validation

Track 17: Techniques to Maximize Biomarker Identification

Track 18: Biomarkers and Pharmacology

Track 19: Case Reports

Track 20: Biomarkers: Entrepreneur Investments Meet


Conference URL- http://biomarkers.conferenceseries.com/


Michael Smith

Program Manager

Biomarkers 2017

One Commerce Center-1201

Orange St. #600

Wilmington, Zip 19899

Delaware, USA


Email- biomarkers@oncologyseries.com


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