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Unlocking trafficking impasse in life-and-death struggle of leukemic cells

Lymphocytes are immune system cells devoted to the defence against enemies coming from both outside (i.e. bacteria and viruses) and inside (tumours). Several times per day these cells escape from the blood and enter into the immune

In vitro test bench to reproducing pulsatile flow conditions

Cardiovascular diseases are among the top causes of mortality in the world. Huge efforts are made to fight against the cardiovascular diseases. However, the variability of the symptoms and risk factors makes this fight very challenging. While

How does social class affect obesity in emerging countries? The case of Mexico

Brought on by rapid economic growth and urbanization, overweight, obesity and related diseases reached dramatic levels in the developing world, particularly among emerging countries such as Mexico. More than 2/3 of Mexicans are overweight and almost 1/3

Heme: an old player with a novel mechanism in cardiac muscle contractility

Heme is a complex containing iron and protoporphyrin IX and it is commonly bound to proteins involved in oxygen transport, detoxification and energy production. However, this molecule has been known to have toxic effects in the heart.

Newborn pulse oximetry screening is not just for heart defects

Measuring the arterial oxygen content (saturation) of the blood is easily done by pulse oximetry. In newborn infants a probe emitting and absorbing light is put on the hand or foot (or booth) and a reliable result

Regucalcin may prevent the development of prostate age-related pathologies such as prostate cancer

Regucalcin (RGN) is a protein with a multifunctional role, which regulates the basic biological processes determining cell fate. RGN actions have been implicated in the control of intracellular calcium levels, oxidative stress, cell metabolism, cell death and

Table olive debittering without chemical solution by using power ultrasound

Table olive is one of the most important products in the world, with a total production of 2,512,500 tons in the 2012/2013. Different processing methods are applied for producing table olives with the objective of eliminating their

Oxygen affects buds burst in grapevine

Grapevine is the most economically important fruit crop worldwide and is the mainstay of rural communities in over 100 countries. However, grapevine production is concentrated in latitudes of 30°-50°, and largely in maritime regions, due to its

Bio-coordination of bismuth in Helicobacter pylori tells the inhibitory mechanisms of metallodrugs

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), the dominant bacterial pathogen in human stomach, is the leading risk factor for the development of gastric cancer and is now infecting over half of the worlds’ population. Bismuth compounds have been used

Vaccines and autoimmunity

The human immune system (and of other animals as well), have been developed historically to prevent infections by invading microorganisms, bacteria, viruses etc. This system is not supposed to react against the components of the body itself.

Regulation of mediator’s expression and chemotaxis in mast cells

The increasing prevalence of inflammatory diseases worldwide underlines the importance to study the molecular mechanisms leading to these disorders. Recent genome-wide association studies based on large group of patients and healthy controls revealed candidate genes, which are

Minute exocrine glands in the compound eyes of water strider

Epidermis of insects are covered with sensilla (sensory receptors) and exocrine glands, which are responsible for sensing and interacting with the external environment. Exocrine glands secret chemicals, such as pheromones, lubricant and noxious substances, to the outside

Save your pancreas from diabetes! Your beta cell reserve is critical for prevention and treatment of diabetes.

To date the number of people with diabetes is estimated to be 387 million over the world. This number is continuing to increase and predicted to be 592 million in 2035. Despite the recent advance in the

Holding on to the electrons in artificial photosynthesis

For our future sustainable society mankind will have to make efficient use of solar energy. The conversion of sunlight to electricity is already a powerful technology, but for storage and transport we need liquid fuels, which have

Have you ever think how wastewaters are transformed into clean waters?

Sewage treatment is the process that converts wastewaters (water no longer suitable for other purposes) into a clean effluent that can be reused. The treatment process consists into removing impurities (such as organic matter, pathogens, heavy metals

Gene therapy not just counseling for your denim obsession

Imagine a world where one size does not fit all, wait that’s the world we live in now. So why is the treatment you get under the “one size fits all” umbrella, we are all different, right?

A novel treatment for saphenous venous graft thrombosis

Coronary artery disease refers to narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the heart. Lack of blood supply to the heart can result in a myocardial infarction, commonly referred to as a heart attack. One way

The role of light and hormones in seed germination under environmental stress

Environmental factors such as light, temperature, water and gravity have major effects on plant development. In addition, hormones within the plant bring about developmental changes during the plant life cycle. Extensive crosstalk exists between environmental and hormone

Hope and concern

The ancient way of curing disease was the administration of natural products to the patient. The next step in drug discovery resulted from advances in chemistry. After isolation of natural active ingredients, synthesis in the laboratory of

Why does the size of an object look the same despite changes in viewing distance?

Among the things we experience in daily life, nothing appears to be simpler than perceiving the sizes of visual objects. “A large object occupies a large surface area on the retina and looks large. That’s it.”. However,