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Biomarker Europe Summit 2016

Organizer: GTCbio Start date: October 5th, 2016 End date: October 7th, 2016 GTCbio would like to invite you to attend our Biomarker Summit Europe 2016 on October 5-7, 2016  in Berlin, Germany! The summit will address the

What happens to sunscreens in swimming pools?

UV filters (UV-fs) are the active ingredient of sunscreen and personal care products such as soaps, shampoos and hair sprays to protect materials and humans from the harmful effects of sunlight radiation and conserve the integrity of

Efficient co-adsorption of multiple types of coexisting pollutants from water using a chitosan-based magnetic composite adsorbent

Contaminants in real water are typically very complicated, and various types of contaminants usually coexist. For example, in the textile industries, the discharged dyeing effluents also contain numerous kinds of other pollutants besides residual dyes, such as

Less perineal damage in sitting position not explained by changing position to perform an episiotomy

Perineal damage is a common complication in childbirth. Perineal damage causes pain and discomfort and can be immobilizing for women. Furthermore, it is a risk factor for blood loss and infection. Perineal damage can be a spontaneous

High bedtime home blood pressure strongly predicts post stroke cognitive impairment

Hypertension is the strongest risk factor for stroke and the most modifiable risk factors for the secondary prevention of stroke and for post stroke cognitive impairment (PSCI). Home blood pressure (HBP) monitoring has been identified to better