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Microtubules slide neurons home

Brain development requires neurons, the most sophisticated information-carrying cells in the body, to migrate from where they are born to faraway destinations where they finally settle down and take up residence.  During its journey, a young neuron

Licorice Root enhance cardiovascular health

The increasing incidence of lifestyle-based conditions–most notably those conditions that impact cardiovascular health, obesity, and blood sugar–has compelled consumers to consider natural solutions for these challenges. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cardiovascular

Performing muscle-damaging exercise with low muscle glycogen does not influence short-term recovery

Athletes often perform activities that involve repeated, intense and / or unaccustomed contractions, whereby the active muscle lengthens as it contracts. For example , the quadriceps muscles repeatedly lengthen when walking downstairs, running downhill and cross –

Unconscious Pig Latin: What it reveals about the conscious mind

Most things that one is aware of usually “just happen” to one.  We open our eyes and see, for free, an external world, replete with objects, sights, and sounds.  (This also occurs every night in the dream