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Recognizing the clinical presentation of pachydermodactyly

Pachydermodactyly (PDD) is a unique, benign soft tissue disorder affecting the hands, first reported in 1975. Patients with PDD typically present with painless swelling at the middle joint of the fingers, although in rare cases this swelling

The mood stabilizer valproic acid tunes up abnormal circadian rhythms in mania

Circadian clocks rule our lives. In the course of evolution, almost all living creatures developed molecular mechanisms that optimally prepare our bodies for predictable , recurring events related to the regular alternations between day and night. This

Parents supporting parents: Development and evaluation of a peer parent program for perinatal loss

The loss of a pregnancy or newborn ( i. e., perinatal loss ) can be one of the most traumatic experiences parents can face. The most common type of loss is miscarriage ( i. e., loss occurring

Prevalence of hospitalisation resulting from medicine related problems among adult patients with cardiovascular diseases and/or diabetes

Cardiovascular diseases ( CVDs ) and diabetes ( DM ) are two interrelated groups of diseases that contribute to more than 50 % of death worldwide. Patients with CVDs and / or DM often take multiple medicines