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Live-cell imaging revealed the dynamics and the roles of cytoskeleton in polarizing plant zygote

Asymmetric cell division is one of the fundamental steps to form the plant body axis. In most flowering plants, the apical-basal axis is established by the asymmetric division of the zygote. In a model plant Arabidopsis thaliana,

What’s new in the plankton?

There is considerable interest in changes in species distributions related to climate change and the phenomenon of invasive species. Obviously, identification of a species as new to a given area requires near complete knowledge of the species

Soil remediation: a potential way of turning lignin waste to wealth

With the rapid economic development and industrialization, an increasing amount of agricultural and urban soils has been polluted in recent years. Among various kinds of pollutants, metal pollutions have paid much more attention. Unlike organic pollutants, metals

Use flat shoes and increase neurogenesis!

When starting to walk the plantarflexor triceps surae muscle is inactivated, the dorsiflexor tibialis anterior activated, and we fall forward because of gravity. The first step is taken, and just as the foot leaves the ground, we

The interaction between diet and gut bacteria in Autism Spectrum Disorder

The gastrointestinal tract is inhabited by millions of bacteria that live in a symbiont relationship with the human host. In recent years, researchers have discovered more and more that the gut bacteria can have effects on the

Metformin and stem cells act synergistically to treat insulin resistance

One of the principle defects of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance which is the inability of insulin to exert a biological action at the level of its target tissue viz. muscle, fat and liver. Metformin is

Fracking is fracturing the total environment of the Earth

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is often called high-volume (i.e., up to 5 million gallons of water) high pressure (i.e., 10,000 – 20, 000 psi) horizontal hydraulic fracturing, in which horizontal drilling technique is used to recover natural gas

Immune damage of Apical Epidermal Cap impedes limb regeneration in frog

The evolution of the immune system in terrestrial vertebrates has allowed a high efficiency in the protection against mutated and cancer cells, foreign substances and microbes. Immune cells however become fully immunocompetent only late during development or

Cleaning verification dilemma of manufacturing equipment: Can the analytical method validation fail due to the cleanliness of the stainless steel surfaces?

In the pharmaceutical industry, the majority of the non-disposable equipment is made of electropolished, stainless steel material. The cleanliness of non-dedicated equipment should be verified before subsequent release for use in the manufacture of other intermediates, active

Understanding vaccine development – Lessons to make effective vaccines against Alzheimer’s disease

A natural protective immunity against a disease usually anticipates the successful development of preventive vaccines; as shown by the infectious diseases and lately cancer vaccines. Currently available information shows that the immune system is since an early

Suvorexant, a dual orexin receptor antagonist, may work as a glucose regulatory switch

Glucose is the predominant metabolic fuel for the brain. Thus, the mechanism of glucose regulation is crucial to survival. Insulin is the main glucose regulatory hormone among redundant glucose regulatory factors. However, we found that suvorexant, a

Intrinsic human multidrug transporters as helpers against Alzheimer’s Disease

The cause(s) of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is still unknown, so is a proper method for diagnosis. AD is a widely occurring form of neurodegeneration that is considered to affect 47 million people worldwide, according to the World

We are what we eat, so do aphids

Many studies are currently done on the human microbiota, mainly because its relevance to medicine. Characterization of the human and mice microbiota diversity and their responses to stress conditions and association with a range of illnesses are

Over one-third of men report perpetrating sexual assault when hooked up to a fake lie detector

Across studies, approximately 15-20% of women report that, since adolescence, they have experienced one or more nonconsensual sexual acts perpetrated by a man through use of incapacitation, threats of physical harm, or physical force; researchers often label

New turtle fossils from Uinta Basin represent last documented members of the extensive Baenidae radiation

The baenid turtles were an extinct clade of North American freshwater river turtles with an extensive radiation spanning from the early Cretaceous (125 million years ago) to the middle Eocene (40 million years ago). More than 30

16th International Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology Conference. Vienna, Austria. May 21-23, 2018

Conference Series Ltd takes immense pleasure & feels honoured in inviting the contributors across the globe to attend “16th International Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology Conference” to be held during May 21-23, 2018 at Vienna, Austria on the

2nd Annual Summit on Cell Signaling and Cancer Therapy. Philadelphia, USA. September 19-20, 2018

2nd Annual Summit on Cell Signaling and Cancer Therapy is bustling to be held at Philadelphia, USA during September 19-20, 2018 hosted by Conferences Series. Through the theme “The Scientific Innovations in the field of Cancer Therapy

The broadened spectrum of Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome

Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome (FHCS) is a condition characterized by inflammation / infection of the liver capsule (perihepatitis) and adjacent peritoneal surfaces. It has, typically, been described in young women of child bearing age in association with either overt

5th International Conference and Expo on Computer Graphics & Animation. Montreal, Canada. September 26-27, 2018

The 5th International Conference and Expo on Computer Graphics & Animation taking place 26-27th September at Montreal, Canada is an academic and business opportunities for next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Computer Graphics, Animation,

New treatments for breast cancer

Now that 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will live at least 5 years, new treatments are aim at improving outcomes for the 10% who are not responding to current drugs and delivering treatments with less