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Molecular motion of propane in silica pores: computer simulations compared with neutron scattering experiments

Understanding how fluids, and notably hydrocarbon gases, seep through porous rocks in the terrestrial environment is essential to understand the fundamental processes involved and also to aid better recovery of these gases from the earth. It is

Myocardial stunning

How dose myocardial infarction develop? The myocardium is nourished from blood flowing in coronary arteries. When a coronary artery is abruptly occluded by a thrombus which develop at the site of a ruptured plaque or endothelial erosion,

Using glowing yeast to keep food safe

Dioxins and dioxin-like chemicals (DLCs) are a problematic group of pollutants that come from both natural and man-made origins. They do not easily break down on their own, which means that once they are present in an