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Latin America Is The New IT Outsourcing Hotspot


Outsourcing IT projects to Latin America can offer your U.S. company cost savings, while still providing access to a highly educated talent pool with high English proficiency. Additionally, you’ll have the benefits of a nearby time zone

Bessel-Bessel laser bullets: not that kind of bullet!

Bessel-Bessel laser bullets: not that kind of bullet. AoS

A light bullet produced by a powerful laser system, and a metallic bullet fired from a real gun, have at least one sure thing in common: they both may cause real damage to objects and people. But

Developmental origins of aging trajectory

Traditionally, gerontological research is focused on later stages of life cycle. Accumulating evidence, however, suggests that the rate of aging-associated functional decline (senescence) as well as the risk for chronic pathological conditions can originate early in life.