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The 11 Best Technology Tools for Researchers

The 11 Best Technology Tools for Researchers. AoS

Research is a meticulous, painstaking process. But thanks to the help of technology (, the pain is lessened. No matter your field — whether it’s biology or computer science — there’s a tool out there to help you

Impulsivity and FFFS traits relate to resting frontal activity: Influence of experimenter’s gender

Gray’s revised reinforcement sensitivity theory (rRST) of personality postulates three main systems: the behavioral approach system (BAS), the fight-flight-freeze system (FFFS) and the behavioral inhibition system (BIS) which govern the two motivational systems. This theory has attracted

Carbon monoxide levels after use of heated tobacco products

Heated tobacco products (HTPs) are new tech devices that release nicotine and other volatile compounds into an inhalable aerosol by heating the tobacco. At their operating temperatures, tobacco combustion is unlikely. The aim of this randomized cross-over

Most common behavioral problems in people with dementia

Most common behavioral problems in people with dementia. AoS

With people all over the world living longer, more and more of them develop problems with brain functions. Some of these problems are mild, e.g. slight forgetfulness, but some may interfere with their daily activities, such as

How alcohol consumption might contribute to viral liver infections?

Alcohol contribute to viral liver infections. Atlas of Science

The coexistence between excessive alcohol consumption and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is causative of a high death ratio annually. It is well-known that phosphoinositides (PI) not only regulate a number of physiological processes but also they

Tumor regression in a high-mortality mouse pancreatic cancer (xenograft) model with aminosteroid RM-581

Chemical representation of aminosteroid derivative. Atlas of Science

Pancreatic cancer is classified as a high-mortality cancer with a five-year relative survival rate of only 9%. Although most cancer type survival rates have improved over the past decades, pancreatic cancer morbidity has been stable, which illustrates

7th International Conference on Parasitology, Microbiology & Infection Control. Lisbon, Portugal. November 16-17, 2020

Parasitology 2020. AoS

Europe Conferences is conducting “7th International Conference on Parasitology, Microbiology & Infection Control” which is going to be in the month of November 16-17, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. This assembling deals with around the two subjects: Parasitology

64Cu and 67Cu radionuclide to diagnose and treat of cancer: Experimental and theoretical Production yields

Experimental and theoretical Production yields. AoS

As the number of patients suffering from different cancers has been increased, researchers have evaluated several ways to diagnose and treat these abnormalities. In this regard, application of radionuclides is an interesting option through which some cancers

Bell ringers: Concussion problems in youth football players

Concussion problems in youth football players. AoS

Concussion has become an important topic in sports news and research. While researchers are studying the mental, physical, and emotional effects of concussion within professional, college, and high school athletes; the negative effects of concussion on youth

Health care utilization for chronic musculoskeletal pain risk: Lessons from the CRASH study

Each year, over four million people go to U.S. Emergency Departments (ED) after a motor vehicle crash (MVC). Although the vast majority of patients are sent home without any serious injuries, many will experience aches and pains

9th International Conference on Smart Materials and Structures. Zurich, Switzerland. June 22-23, 2020

Theme: Unveiling the Advancements in Material Science and Engineering It takes pleasure in inviting the scientific community across the globe to attend the 9th International Conference on Smart Materials and Structures during June 22-23, 2020 at Zurich,

Thyroid hormone ratio and clinical outcome: results from the Toreador Study

Overall survival of metastatic colon rectal cancer patients. AoS

From a physiopathological point of view patients with advanced solid cancer and neoplastic cachexia might be associated, in some way, with frail older patients, a well-known and extensively described multi-factorial clinical condition, characterized by increased catabolism and

How Artificial Intelligence is Advancing Science

How Artificial Intelligence is Advancing Science

Published by Hannah With 2019 dubbed the “Year of Artificial Intelligence,” artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in technology at the moment. AI’s nearly limitless possibilities promise to change the world as we know it.

Climatic connectivity may drive bird migration strategies

To maximize fitness, migratory organisms must choose the best place and time to perform their fundamental activities in the face of unpredictable variation in ecological conditions. Because natural selection strongly penalizes the individuals that fail to synchronize

An integrated genomics approach for identifying breast cancer patients with highly aggressive tumors

An integrated genomics approach for identifying breast cancer patients. AoS

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women with over 2 million new cases worldwide in 2018. Three kinds of receptors are usually found on the surface of breast cancer cells: a receptor for female hormone

Can nanographene cross placental barrier?

Graphene is an upcoming revolutionized 2D material that has sketched its importance across a wide spectra of interdisciplinary arenas due to its distinguishing properties. Being a sp2 hybridized allotrope of carbon with a honeycomb lattice structure; it

What’s the point? Cognitive advantage

Neuroscientists have long wondered why some behaviours are mostly controlled by one side of the brain. This phenomenon is called brain lateralization. For centuries we have known that damage to the left but not the right side

The healthy neighborhoods healthy families initiative: A zip code should not determine a child’s health

Published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers from Nationwide Children’s Hospital presented a case study for treating a neighborhood as a patient. Neighborhood effect syndrome, characterized by symptoms of extreme poverty including housing insecurity, racial segregation, trauma, violence,

The difference of an amide to ester in polymers does the magic

The difference of an amide to ester in polymers does the magic. AoS

Antibiotics kill bacteria by a specific targeting mechanism, and thereby, bacteria quickly develop resistance to antibiotics. The bacterial cell membrane is pivotal to its survival and is considered its Achille’s heel. Killing bacteria by attacking their cell

Why are processed vegetable foodstuffs not as green as raw? Following the fate of chlorophylls

In addition to play an important role in photosynthesis and plant physiology, chlorophylls fulfil certain biological activities. Chlorophylls and their derivatives have been shown to exert antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic activity. In the human diet, these compounds are