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Anatomic variation of the nasopalatine canal among dentate, partially edentulous and completely edentulous subjects

The rehabilitation of the upper central incisors with the use of implants is one of the most complex aesthetic challenges. The anterior sector has important anatomical implications: resorption of the alveolar bone and the nasopalatine duct (NPD),

Chemoselective Intramolecular carbene C-H insertions of 2-diazo-2-sulfamoylacetamides

The transition-metal-catalyzed intramolecularly aliphatic and aromatic C-H insertions of diazo amides provide useful and important transformations to efficiently synthesize nitrogen-containing heterocycles with the new generated C-C bond. The reactivity of different diazoamide derivatives has been well studied

Non-local deformation sensing in nanoscale

AoS. Non-local deformation sensing in nanoscale

Nanoindentation and pico-indentation based on atomic force microscopy (AFM) are commonly used for the evaluation of material mechanical properties using the depth-loading profile measured at a specific location of the material. However, the interpretation of the measurement

Sustainable ZnSnO3 nanowires produced by a low-cost solution process

AoS. SEM image of ZnSnO3 nanowires.

Oxide materials, and more specifically, multicomponent oxide materials, have been widely explored in thin-film technology, being the indium-based materials very common. For example, conductive indium-tin oxide (ITO) or semiconductive indium-gallium-zinc oxide (IGZO) are key-materials in billion-dollar industries

Particularly harmful particles? Sifting out the dirt to find the microplastic effect

Research on microplastic effects in aquatic environments has expanded dramatically in the last decade. However, many important questions remain largely unanswered. We still do not know, for example, what are the safe levels of microplastic in different

The anterolateral ligament of the knee – an anatomical phantom

AoS. The anterolateral ligament of the knee – an anatomical phantom

In 1879, Paul Segond published an article on clinically present and experimentally created bloody effusions in sprained knee joints. As an associated aggravation, he reported the formation of comminuted fractures of the lateral tibial condyle caused by

Antibiotic tolerance in bacteria: how to regain susceptibility?

AoS. Antibiotic tolerance in bacteria.

Bacteria use a plethora of mechanisms to evade killing by antibiotics. Resistance is the best documented mechanism. Here, genetic changes in the bacterial DNA result in antibiotic insensitivity. As a consequence, resistant bacteria are able to grow

miRNA, the inconspicuous but key player in the development of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is among the top three cancers affecting women below 45 years in several countries. Both the alterations and modification in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences play a critical role in the onset and progression of cervical

Measuring the pH levels inside lysosomes

The pH level varies in different organelles inside a cell and there is a diversity of function carried out within.  Any deviations of pH from normal levels could signal cellular stress or dysfunction and may indicate serious

Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD): a bifunctional mechanism in human physiology and disease

AoS. Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD)

Proteins are the working-units of the cell, which are encoded by thousands of genes that pass their information into an intermediate molecule, the messenger RNA (mRNA). For this flow of information – from genes to RNA (transcription),

Analysis of the arabidopsis Major Facilitator Superfamily reveals a larger and more diverse group of transporters

AoS. Analysis of the arabidopsis Major Facilitator Superfamily

As sessile organisms, plants need to adapt rapidly to the environmental fluctuations they endure during their life cycle in order to survive. Upon external insults, plants activate a network of coordinated molecular responses to restore cellular equilibrium,

Preparedness rising from the ashes of disaster: The phoenix of transformative learning

AoS. Summary of Transformative DRR process

Worldwide, societies and their citizens face ever-increasing risk from natural disasters. Pivotal to managing this risk is preparedness. However, consistently low levels of preparedness prompted the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) to call for

3D-bioengineered human amniotic membrane scaffold for improvement of wound healing in diabetic rats

AoS. 3D-bioengineered human amniotic membrane scaffold.

In the tissue engineering context, attention to the biological scaffolds due to the safety, efficacy, and bio-mimicity was discussed. Among the natural scaffolds, human amniotic membrane (HAM) has shown to be promising and has been used for

The type of mitochondrial DNA mutations more than their quantity affects organismal fitness

AoS. The type of mitochondrial DNA mutations

Present in the majority of cells, mitochondria play a major role in the production of cellular and organismal energy, and contribute to cellular/ion homeostasis. Mitochondria possess multiple copies of their own genome (mtDNA), that encodes 13 essential

Soccer and metabolism: what are the limits of using saliva to understand the body responses?

AoS. Soccer and metabolism.

Science is playing an increasingly important role in the world of sport. Understanding the molecular basis that relates to the degree of training, athletic performance or risk of injury can represent a major advance in ensuring the

Site-specific antibody labeling with novel photocrosslinking technology

AoS. Site-Specific Antibody Labeling with Novel Photocrosslinking Technology

Our research presents a novel, site-specific approach to labeling antibodies with molecules for various applications, improving upon traditional methods of antibody conjugation. The method is widely compatible and modular, enabling labs to rapidly label their antibodies for

Someone with higher risk: Seeing through Chinese gamblers based on gambling forms

AoS. Someone with higher risk.

Gambling in various forms has been an important economic activity around the world. Governments are trying to balance the economic benefits of legalized gambling with its social costs. However, measuring, identifying, and preventing gambling disorder remain a

Force and morphogenesis

AoS. Somatic embryogenesis of bean from callus or tumor

Plant tissue culture has been used to propagate plants on culture media present within petri dishes. This is the propagation of plants in vitro. Using  particular plant hormones added to such media in certain concentrations, buds and

Calix[4]arene can recognize metals captured in the cavity by IR absorption

AoS. Calix[4]arene can recognize metals captured in the cavity by IR absorption.

Calix[4]arene (C4A), composed of four phenols connected with methylene chains, has been used extensively as host molecules in supramolecular chemistry. C4A has a dominant, cone-type conformation formed by a strong hydrogen-bonded network with four OH groups (Fig.