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Murburn concept explains why oxygen is acutely needed to sustain life

Murburn concept (from “mured burning”, signifying a restricted uncontrolled oxidative process) provides a tangible rationale why oxygen is so quintessential for immediate maintenance of life-order. It postulates that oxygen-centered diffusible reactive species (DRS, like superoxide radical) are

Mortality risk among cocaine users after and before economic recession

AoS. Mortality Risk Among Cocaine Users after and before economic recession

This study targeted residents in northern Italy who turned to a public treatment centre for primary cocaine use between 1982 and 2016. Its aims were to estimate mortality risk, and to examine mortality for subjects who have

Molecular classification of glioma stem cells

Comprehensive genetic analysis of glioblastomas by The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) has proposed a new classification based on genetic abnormalities. The characteristic genetic abnormalities identified in the TCGA are promising candidates for novel molecularly targeted therapies, and

Can AI Solve The World’s Addiction Problem?

AoS. Can AI Solve The World’s Addiction Problem

Addiction is a global problem that affects millions of people, causing significant physical, emotional, and financial harm. Despite decades of research, effective treatments for addiction remain elusive, and traditional approaches often fall short of achieving long-term recovery.