5 best ways to improve your academic writing skills online

Writing can be intimidating, and most students cite writing as the most challenging and their least favorite part of the college or university experience. Academic writing is a skill like any other, and just as you need to practice soccer, piano, or woodcarving, you also need to practice your writing. When you need academic writing improvement, there are a few key ways that can help you improve your skills from the comfort of your laptop, tablet, or phone. To help you get started making a difference in your academic writing, let’s review some of the best ways that you can develop high-quality writing skills online. These are the five best ways to improve your academic writing skills online.

  • Make use of your college or university’s online library. The Google search engine has become synonymous with finding information online, but that doesn’t mean that you should rely solely on Google for your academic writing needs. Your college or university provides you with access to an online library loaded with high-quality sources, many of which are not available on the open web. By making use of these resources, you are enhancing your paper with academic research that will impress your instructor and give you access to the very latest scholarly information, at a depth much greater than you can get from a blog or a news report.
  • Take advantage of online citation information. There are a number of online resources that can help you with citations and documentation of resources. Many assignments consider adherence to writing styles such as MLA, APA, or Chicago to be an important part of the grade and can award up to a full letter grade for formatting. Online resources will help you to format your references correctly. Many will let you enter key bibliographic data and then generate a formatted citation for you. Just be sure to check the citations before using it in your paper to make sure that the citation generator didn’t make any strange mistakes. It does happen!
  • Make use of online dictionaries. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to know exactly how to use a word or which spelling is the correct one for words that sound alike but are spelled differently. For example, many people aren’t sure when to use “affect” vs. “effect.” When in doubt, use an online dictionary to find the information you need to pick the right word for your sentence. It’s always better to take a few seconds to check your usage rather than risk getting marked down for using the wrong word in your academic writing.
  • Use a professional academic writing service. You can avoid many of the problems of academic writing by hiring someone from a professional writing website to write an essay for you in several hours. You can go online and hire a professional writer who will create an essay to meet all of your requirements and guidelines. This essay will show you the right way to approach your topic and can model the right way to use high-quality academic research to support your views. While these services have sometimes developed a bad reputation as “cheating” services, when used correctly, they can help you to understand essay writing at a deeper level so you can improve your own writing.
  • Read academic writing online. The best way to develop your own academic writing skills is to read academic writing from others to see how it is done. Online, there are many different places where you can read high-quality academic writing, including dissertations, journal articles, and college essays. When you read academic writing from academic experts, you pick up tips and tricks that can help you to improve your writing. You can also see the right way to cite sources and the right way to incorporate sources to support your main ideas.

Academic writing is a skill, and like any skill it can be improved with practice. By taking the opportunity to take advantage of online resources that can improve your academic writing, you’ll be accomplishing the same thing as an athlete hitting the gym. You’ll be building mental muscles and developing the skills that will carry you through the next major essay assignment you’ll face.


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