Smart collaboration is one of the best ways to succeed. Atlas of Science is open for collaboration and offers following opportunities for companies and active bloggers:

Guest post

Atlas of Science is accepting guest posts (guest articles) with unique content interesting for our readers and relevant to Atlas of Science content (Science, education, medicine, health etc.,). The guest posts will be published in the section named Blogs.

Press release

Atlas of Science provides companies with an opportunity to publish a summary (press release) describing a product or service in the section named Tools & Methods. The format is similar as to the research section, but instead of a link to a scientific article will contain a link to a homepage or product page of a company. Based on keywords and content, Tols & Methods summaries appear as related articles both next to and below Research summaries.

The Tools & Methods summaries will due to their similarity in layout provide a recognizable format for scientists, researchers, or medical doctors. They appear in relation to relevant research summaries, which will provide you a unique opportunity to attract the attention of potential customers or collaborators.

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