For Authors

Purpose and scope

Atlas of Science publishes layman’s summaries of research articles to help scientists share, and to bring science to the broader audience.

The publication of layman summaries by academic researchers and access to these summaries for the general public will always be free of charge.

Although journalists like to assess the news value quickly, that is by no means simple with most research articles. Writing a short, understandable layman’s summary is a good means to reach this goal.

Why is press attention important?

Reaching the press is of great importance for yourself as well as for others.

  • Through media exposure you attract the attention of potential employers, financiers and other people who may benefit you.
  • It is an extra reward for your work. It is fun for yourself as well as for family and friends to read in newspapers what you have realized.
What should your layman’s summary look like?

The title should be short and catchy (Max 100 characters with spaces).

Your text should be understandable for a layman. The more accessible your text is, the bigger the chance of media attention. The text (600 words at most) should be in English. Figures are allowed (2 figures at most).

The illustrations (figures/images/graphs) can add attraction to article. If there is any possibility we will recommend you to supplement your submission with illustration (although this is optional and will not affect the publication)

Figures should be submitted as separate files.
Accepted File Extensions: .jpg, .png, .gif, .tiff
Image title: Fig1_YourName.jpg or Fig1_YourName.png or Fig1_YourName.gif
Recommendations: Image resolution 150 dpi, Min image width: 600px, Min image height: 400px

Some other tips:

Ask the questions:

  1. How would I explain my thesis in a couple of minutes to: someone that is not a scientist?
  2. What difference will or could your research make to the world?

Remember that you are preparing this for a general audience. Keep the language as simple and jargon‐free as possible.


What do we do with your layman’s summary?
How to submit?
  • The direct link to submission page with further instructions can be found in the invitation email.