Lab Leader makes software applications for experiment design in life science

Pick your target molecules and the application will generate a protocol for the experiment ready for use, labeling, sharing and documenting. You will also get hands on, expert tips improving your methodology. Lab Leader’s life science tools save time and money, eliminate mistakes and guarantee a smooth information flow in your lab.

The companies first application is an immunofluorescence application named LabRat-IF. The LabRat-IF app support the design of IF microscopy experinents including multitude of primary and secundary antibodies. The LabRat-IF application will allow you to pick a multitude of molecular targets, instantly assigning appropriate primary and secondary antibodies. Once you select the appropriate reagents, the LabRat will generate a ready to print PDF file with all the data you need for your experiment. Additionally, the LabRat will generate a unique experiment code to mark your slides, ensuring safe and effective information flow.

Benefits for life science researchers

Lab Leader software resolves the need of scientists to be time effective, precise and provident in study design. The design of a new experiment followed by search and assembly of reagents can take days. Human error, lack of basic knowledge or negligence in the process result in poor experiments or purchase of unnecessary or even wrong reagents and in the worst cases false results are accepted as scientifically proven facts. This software solves these problems, saving time and money and making science more fun. Currently there are no software tools to help life science researchers design experiments for many common techniques. Lab Leader’s software is leveling the playing field enabling all researchers access to reliable expert methodology eliminating “availability heuristic” from the research processes. The software also encourage practical interaction between scientists and research groups creating synergy in the scientific milieu.

You are welcome to learn more and to test the free beta version of the software available for download on our website!

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