LabCollector LIMS and ELN for improving productivity in the lab

Lab management is difficult. There are many diverse tasks including: directing experiments, analyzing data, writing papers/reports, equipment maintenance and more.  It is easy to find yourself also busy with administrative tasks, such as ordering reagents and updating inventories.

‘An organized lab is a productive lab’ is easy to say and hard to make happen. Good organization and management of all aspects of the lab are critical to maximize productivity.  Although this seems obvious on paper, the daily routine of the lab can be different. Creating a culture of high standards and excellent productivity requires everything in the lab to work together.

There are many aspects of being in a lab where productivity can be lost.  Inventories become out of date.  Items get purchased in duplicate or not at all.  An experiment could be delayed because the inventory is inaccurate or reagents are beyond their expiration date.  Equipment can languish without calibration or maintenance.  Dealing with documents for protocols, SOPS and safety data is time consuming.  The right people may not see the latest information resulting in even further delays to the problems just mentioned.

LabCollector provides an all in one LIMS and ELN to solve these problems. The major advantages of using a LIMS or ELN system is to provide a single centralized and structured platform to share data between staff and collaborators.  LabCollector inventories and data are dynamic with an audit trail providing full traceability of research activities.  Using LabCollector also makes it easy to comply with good laboratory practices for electronic records.  LabCollector LIMS helps you get the maximum benefit from skilled workers and scientists.  The transparency of knowing who has done what in the system makes all aspects of management easier.

LabCollector LIMS

LabCollector LIMS

LabCollector provides everything from inventories, information, personnel, metrology, lab notebooks, workflows and more are all handled in one program.  LabCollector also replaces handwritten notes and records.  The transparency of having everyone using the same system creates efficiency for both the staff in the lab and project managers in the office.  If you start to add up all of the tasks that LabCollector streamlines, it is clear overall productivity in the lab will increase.  In any lab, there are numerous key points where many people at all levels from technicians, scientists, project managers and lab managers will be able to work more efficiently.

Electronic lab notebook

Electronic lab notebook

If we look at safety it is clear that there are major benefits unique to LabCollector.  Safety is a critical aspect of working in any lab.   It is easy to combine safety information from regulatory bodies with your own documentation such as SOPs.  Regardless of the chemicals, samples, equipment, or protocols involved you can now have the most relevant information on safety and procedures available in just a few clicks.

fig3-agilebio-1The incorporation of symbols used in standard safety literature including MSDS/SDS, GHS and NFPA keeps things simple.  Using LabCollector for safety documentation allows more information than what you get from a supplier to be conveniently located in one place.  The ability to create links to other documents and records within LabCollector further enhances access to relevant safety information for your own institution’s policies usage or disposal.  Combining storage features with safety offers further benefits.  By comparing reagents and supplies in a particular storage location it becomes obvious if there are incompatible items.  All told, LabCollector really can enhance lab efficiency and productivity of any lab.

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