Should You Work as an Epidemiologist?

If you are interested in public health, you may want to look into working as an epidemiologist. They investigate the causes of disease outbreaks and identify and protect those most at risk of contracting the disease. There are several pros and cons of working in this industry, so there are a few things to know to help you decide if this is for you.

Get the Right Education

If you want to work in this industry, you can expect to spend quite a while on your education. You will need a bachelor’s and master’s degree to get into the industry. This will typically require around six years of schooling. Your bachelor’s degree should be in a relevant industry, such as health science, nursing, or biostatistics. If you do not currently have a related bachelor’s degree, you may want to think about getting one. This requires an investment of money and time, but you can mitigate some or all of the cost by finding eligible scholarships online. Utilizing Going Merry scholarships can make your degree affordable, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your future career.

Your Income Will Grow

You may not start out making a huge amount in this field, but one of the benefits of a career in science is with the right experience, your income may double at some point. Because of the high potential for growth, it can be worth starting at a lower entry-level position and working your way up. Of course, your location will play a big role in how much you end up making. Often, you will find yourself making more money if you live near a large city. Of course, you can always relocate or commute to a location that is offering a high annual salary.

Your Career Will Be Well Respected

It can be difficult to become an epidemiologist, and it takes a long time to get there. If you want to break into the industry, you will need to get a good education, stay organized, and be disciplined. However, once you complete the necessary requirements to get into the industry, you will be considered an expert in your field. One of the benefits of this type of career is that you will be respected by your peers and others because of the good you are trying to do for society. During outbreaks of disease, such as an epidemic or pandemic, people will look up to you and your colleagues to provide them with the information they need to stay safe.

Your Career Will Have Meaning

In this industry, you will find health disparities in certain populations, and identifying them will help you find ways to control outbreaks. Controlling disparities can help you create a better life for many individuals, allowing you to have a meaningful job. You may even need to travel to different places to work in other locations. You may get to travel to places that others will never get to see. Epidemiologists often travel to outbreak locations to help the people there, and these could be anywhere in the world.


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