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Can AI Solve The World’s Addiction Problem?

AoS. Can AI Solve The World’s Addiction Problem

Addiction is a global problem that affects millions of people, causing significant physical, emotional, and financial harm. Despite decades of research, effective treatments for addiction remain elusive, and traditional approaches often fall short of achieving long-term recovery.

How can we measure problematic videogame use among adolescents?

AoS. How can we measure problematic videogame use among adolescents?

Playing video games is currently one of the most frequent leisure activities in young people and adolescents, but it generates a social alarm because it is associated with negative consequences such as family or scholar problems, reduction

Prescription opioid use underestimated in the United States

The opioid epidemic continues to have many negative effects in the US. The US lifespan has been decreasing and opioid overdoses are believed to be responsible. Other consequences of opioid misuse include the increases in emergency room

World Congress on Advances in Addiction Science and Medicine. London, UK. September 24-25, 2018

PULSUS Conferences invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “World Congress on Advances in Addiction Science and Medicine” under the theme “Modern Migration Concerning Addiction Science” during September24-25, 2018 in London, UK. This

How much alcohol is in ketamine`s antidepressant response?

The rapid and robust antidepressant action following a single intravenous sub-narcotic ketamine infusion (usually 0.5 mg/kg over 40 minutes) in the treatment of resistant major depression is unique and encouraging, albeit short-lasting (up to 7 days). Increasing

Human respiratory tissue test reveals e-cigarette vapour produced similar result as air

Scientists at British American Tobacco and MatTek Corporation used a unique combination of tests to investigate the potential adverse effects of e-cigarette vapour on airway tissue compared with cigarette smoke. ‘By employing a combination of a smoking

Recovering from addiction: Do peer-delivered services help?

New research indicates that addiction to alcohol and drugs is a chronic condition. For many, recovery from addiction is often a lengthy process that requires ongoing management and support. Yet the traditional approach to addiction provides intensive

Rat speech patterns predict future alcohol use and reveal past alcohol experience

Heightened emotional states increase impulsive behaviors such as excessive alcohol drinking in humans.  However, very few animal studies have focused on the role of emotional status as a motivator of alcohol drinking.  This is a major roadblock

A vital sign for the mind

Movies, television shows and the daily news will oftentimes depict people in severe states of drinking or drug behaviors, illustrating the depravity of this problem. It is more dramatic to show victims of these addictions in advance

Does habitual Internet use affect our brain? Are both genders in danger?

The Internet has not only become our external memory and essential media source for social life and entertainment, it also has full potential to become addictive. Even though it is still a matter of discussion whether Internet