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Why drinking the Mediterranean way is healthier

A recent letter in the British Medical Journal suggests that how alcohol is consumed should be given more emphasis when advising on alcohol limits. The British government recently reduced its recommended limit to 14 units per week

Simple Hepatic Cysts : Percutaneous treatment

Cysts are fluid filled cavities that can be found anywhere in the body as well as in liver. Simple hepatic cysts are common in general population and pose no risk for malignancy. Although they usually cause no

Alcohol sports sponsorship and harmful drinking

There is strong and consistent evidence to show exposure to alcohol advertising increases the likelihood that young people start drinking at an earlier age, and to drink more if they already use alcohol. The Organisation for Economic

Rat speech patterns predict future alcohol use and reveal past alcohol experience

Heightened emotional states increase impulsive behaviors such as excessive alcohol drinking in humans.  However, very few animal studies have focused on the role of emotional status as a motivator of alcohol drinking.  This is a major roadblock

New app revolutionising assessment in youth mental healthcare

Across the population, young people are at the highest risk of developing mental health disorders but are the least likely to receive the support they require. Barriers to care been attributed to a range of issues with

Drugs and drowning

Electrical activity of the heart is commonly monitored by the electrocardiogram (ECG).   Such electrical activity depends on certain proteins called ion channels.  These channels control the timing and the flow of electrically charged particles (ions) in and

Lowering the burden of liver disease in the UK: a blueprint for change

Liver disease is the third biggest cause of premature death in the UK and the number of deaths from liver disease is on the rise (Fig. 1). People can develop liver disease for a number of reasons

Food and Nutrition cause liver and brain diseases with diabetes in the developing and developed world

In the world the consumption of a healthy diet is essential to prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes and brain diseases. New discoveries in medicine indicate that a diet that is low in fat and carbohydrate lower

Blockade of estrogen receptor alpha mitigates alcohol-evoked myocardial dysfunction in female rats

Recent evidence challenges the longstanding view that light-to-moderate alcohol drinking might confer cardioprotection, and the latter is mostly based on population studies in men or in male experimental animals. However, while the reduction in blood pressure caused

Wine polyphenols lower blood pressure

The Mediterranean lifestyle is synonymous to a healthy lifestyle for many people. This diet is rich in vegetables, fish and olive oil, but also inseparably associated with drinking a good glass of red wine. Other alcohol-containing beverages

Alternative determination of blood alcohol concentration

Alcohol consumption is a common and legal practice in most of the countries around the world which leads to numerous fatal traffic accidents, and other incidents like leisure injuries, alcohol poisoning and drug facilitated sexual assault. According

Anxiety linked to earlier alcohol involvement

Mental health and substance use disorders are common in the general population and the leading disorders within these are anxiety and alcohol use disorders, with approximately 20 – 30% of the population experiencing one during their lifetime.

Computer-assisted screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment for dwi offenders

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a common, reoccurring, and costly crime.  In fact, DWI is one of the most frequently committed crimes in the United States and approximately one third of those arrested are likely to re-offend. 

Vodka vs. fortified wine in Russia: retrospective view

Alcohol consumption and alcoholism in Russia are broadly discussed in professional literature, while it is often taken for granted that vodka has been a predominant form of consumed alcohol. In fact, fortified wines with alcohol concentration around

Probing how alcohol affects the structure of water

Water, despite its ubiquity, is an extraordinarily complex substance. The structure of water on a molecular level is defined by the interactions, “hydrogen bonds”, that individual molecules have with each other. These are the reason that upon

Differences between male and female cyclists’ performances under the acute influence of alcohol

It is well-known that the average man and the average woman possess different performances, which can depend on the demanded task or physical peculiarities, e.g. average body fat resp. muscle mass or average height. If one takes

Thiamine supplementation reduces anxiety in severely alcohol dependent men

The caustic effects of alcohol on the gastrointestinal tract as well as lifestyle factors impacting dietary habits can lead to severe nutritional and vitamin deficiency in individuals with chronic alcoholism. Vitamin B1 deficiency, also known as thiamine,

Stern alcohol policies fail to improve public health

New research found that the severity of alcohol policy had no association with the number of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) lost due to alcohol in 30 OECD countries in 2005 nor with alcohol consumption (Table, Figure). DALYs

Determination of breath alcohol value after using mouthwashes containing ethanol

Mouthwashes are devices frequently used and suggested by dentist. Some mouthwashes contain ethanol (MCE), in order to improve their antibacterial activity. In Italian legislation there are a series of judgments reporting cases of drivers who resulted positive